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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mirkarimi pleaded guilty in march to a count of misdemeanor false imprisonment. he was initially charged with domestic violence. and lopez's lawyer argued authorities have an obligation to protect lopez, a victim in this case telling the judge if the video was released it would go viral on the internet, violating her privacy rights. the city attorney argued that the court had authority over the video since it was seized by police who obtained a warrant from the courts. there is no objection from the da, the police department or ivory madison, who owns this video. both attorneys spoke to reporters after the judge granted video's release. >> they don't want to protect iliana. they're so out of their mind to get ross mirkarimi that they don't care who they step on. >> this is our intention that this video is appropriate
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evidence to use at the ethic commission proceedings and put into the records. and this is the attorney says she's appealing the decision and is going to file a writ, a motion to stop the release before the court of appeals. for now, mayor lee has won a big, big victory. vic leak, abc 7 news. >> castro valley police are looking to solve a murder mist rai. routine check led officers to the body of a man inside of a home on omega avenue. and amy hollyfield tells us this is one of the most-bizarre crime scenes she's covered. >> sheriff deputies decided to do a probation check at this home after receiving calls of criminal activity in this neighborhood. they couldn't believe what they found inside. >> when they entered there was
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a significant amount of blood. at that time, they froze the house and discovered the body. >> the spokesman wasn't sure if anyone else was home, he says they checked other paroles and they did not target this home. >> very unusual. yes. and there is probation searches frequently. not often you can go in to find a bloody scene, then... a body to go with that. >> investigators say they don't know the cause of death or the identity of the victim. they don't think that the deceased is the person on probation who they were originally checking on. >> and then, this case we don't believe he's there. but that is crazy. >> and why? why would you pinpoint that house? they've been scarce and there are kids in the neighborhood. you want to know what is going
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on. >> neighbors say a woman and two adult children live in the home. one neighbor says she spoke with the adult daughter and ex-husband of the homeowner last night. >> and did they know who is dead in their home? >> no. >> they won't tell them anything. >> some who live here on omega avenue find the murder mystery unnerving. >> i'm shocked. my grandkids are nervous. >> the coroner is doing an investigation to figure out how this man died and who he s no arrests have been made. >> an amtrak train struck and killed a person. a specks person says the train hit a pedestrian around 1:00 this afternoon. no one on board was hurt. passengers heading from sacramento to san jose had to be bused to their destination. >> and president obama turned on the charm when he sat down with the women of "the view". >> he talked at length about
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the decision to support same-sex marriage. >> and now, remarks in a friendly venue it was. his place on the couch this morning not what you'd call a hot seat. the president making a big effort to reach out to women voters and "the view" is a natural for him. this is mr. obama's fourth appearance on "the view". his second as president. in show biz, he killed. >> i like hanging out with women what. can i tell you? what can i tell you? >> this is not the venue for tough questions and pointed follow ups. first topic support for same-sex marriage. >> when it comes to the rights that are recognized by the state i think it's important to make sure everybody is treated fairly and equally that. has been a principle of american life for a long time. >> do you think goitsing to hurt you in november? >> the question about hurting him was addressed in a new abc news poll. numbers showing that the
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country is evenly divided. 46% reacting favorably, 47% unfavorably. take a look at numbers when it comes to women. 54% giving the president's announcement favorably. that is a double digit advantage for the president. >> i just have to say that this is not an issue that is important as it is that is going determine the election. >> president obama says it's still the economy and jobs that will determine the election and he expects it will be close. >> there are folks still hurting out there and a lot of folks who are still looking for work. >> asked how he'd grade the term he said he'd give himself an incomplete. mitt romney says the president failed he has spent more, and borrowed more. the time has come for a president, a leader who will lead. i will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno.
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>> mitt romney defending himself and the president looked confident on "the view" declaring he will win in november, coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from our political analyst on why the poll shows that same-sex marriage may cost the president in november. >> and there is polling that looks as those who feel strongly opposed to same-sex marriage versus those strongly in favor of it. it's slanted towards people who are against it. >> do you remember in 2004, carl rove's strategy for george w. bush winning reelection was motivated on getting the base out rather than going for independent swing voters so there is a possibility social conservatives will feel more strongly motivated and up until now, they felt lukewarm about mitt romney. >> and we'll more more coming
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up at 6:00. >> the fbi is investigating the $2 billion trading loss reported last week by jp morgan chase. the announcement on the same day the bank shareholders voted to keep jb diamond as chairman of the board and endorsed his salary. most of those votes cast before the company stockholders meeting in florida today. diamond told shareholders the company mistakes were self inflicted and he takes responsibility. treasury secretary tim geithner says the loss strengthens the case that are required for financial institution ootz fed and fcc and others and we'll be part of this are going to take a look and make sure we review implications of what that means for the design of the rules. >> president oub yauma called diamond one of the smartest bankers there is and described jp morgan chase as one of the best-managed banks there is.
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>> time for a check on the forecast. >> there is mainly sunny skies, and during evening hours, we'll see clouds and fog increasing especially during overnight hours and this is temperatures ranging from 50-62. we'll see sun, and lingering low clouds and fog. temperatures into early morning hours from mid 40s to mid-50s, then, sunny skies inland and around the bay. lingering into the coastline. mild around the bay skpinland. temperatures will move into low 80s into warmest spots. on the coast cool tomorrow z what will follow? head together sfwheekd my accu-weather forecast is coming up later. >> thank you. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news the man turning humiliation into inspiration after an embar yaizing visit to a theme park. >> and drones. film makers and photographers are doing mazing things with
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them, you can, too for a price. >> taking a look at the skyway. heavy traffic in both directions if you're trying to make your way across the bay or south goitsing to take you a while. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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checking healthy living news the government unveiled a national strategy to treat alzheimer's disease. among the first steps, the launch of alzheimer', a web site with information about dementia. the government will provide
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training and an additional $50 million for research. today, glenn campbell went to capitol hill with his family to highlight need for more action. >> this doesn't just affect one person who has it but the whole family and all of decisions in the society and this cost is going to skyrocket. we need to do something as soon as possible. >> governor web site there are currently four fda approved drugs to treat symptoms of the disease. almost 5.5 million americans have alzheimer's or real yeet yaited demenia. >> the graduate student who has a rare flesh eating disease is recovering. her family says she's asking for books to read. a week ago gave her little chance of survival. she contracted the infection through a deep cut suffered
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when she fell from a homemade skip line that snapped. most of her left leg has been amputated and doctors believe they'll need to amputate her fingers as well. >> and overweight man in virginia turned humiliation into inspiration. and he lost more than 100 pounds so he can ride a roller coaster. and last year, workers at the theme park told him he could not rite ride the coaster was the harness won't fit him. he said he was so embarrassed and decided to make life style changes, he lost 105 pounds and yesterday, returned to the park a new man and rode that rollercoaster. >> and intel dominates the pc market looking for ways to stay fresh. bloomberg west reporter is taking us inside of the headquarters with today's after the bell or the.
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>> i'm live in santa clara. and i had an exclusive interview with the president and ceo of intel. i sat down to talk about interyaels past, present and future intel has an 80% market share for personal computers and with tab blets taking to take a chunk of the market they see a lot of strength in pcs. >> this pc market continues to grow and approaching half a billion units per year. everything slows down. so the percent growth is... >> intel continues to dominate and focusing efforts on ultrabooks. whit comes to those ultrathin notebooks intel's strategy is interesting. >> this combination of a toaster and oven into a toaster oven worked well that. is what we're aiming at. trying to find best of both
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worlds. creative capability of a pc and a model that a tab blet gives you. >> and this market share is near zero so what is next? how does it break in? >> there is a string of announcements and there is trance telecome. and what point do you see in terms of time line, mobile being a meaningful part of the business? >> and i don't think about it that way and talk about it that way. i'm looking for key design wins. how well are we execute something and we'll take a look at that a year from now. and look at the volume but there are
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protections -- projections. to me the important thing is who we're dwoing business with and how good are the projects? >> and this he is just the fifth chief executive in intel's 44 year history. we spoke with the coo. he told us his success jor likely to come from within the company. and that is before i leave there is a quick check today, it was day three of losses, greece having trouble putting a new government together. and there your bloomberg silicon valley index down for the day. hewlett-packard down about 2.5%. live fl intel museum, i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. >> there are drones may be widely used but we're seeing more of them in the civilian world. >> and there is a drive to
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discover the personal drone. >> first this was only discovered with a noisy helicopter. and there is is a camera mounted on an electric drone. and there is a company sells it's drown to -- drone to hobbyists but hobby days are over. >> and there is a 10 thour toy. very pricey. >> these super models are worth it because producer directors need professional quality video calling for a rig with cameras weighing several tons. and faster than 50 miles per hour. while drafting lividdo. >> and that complexity is why
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jim controls only the camera. >> eric is probably into top 100 flyers in the country. >> everybody wants to fly but they zront a fly like this, right? people who can fly this don't know how to get shocked. it's too disciplined. very, very difficult to do to find someone that can do both. >> today, they're capturing sweeping vift yaz. why doesn't this replace the television news koptor? >> no. this is probably not a good idea. and there is very unpredictable. >> whaempeople can do. >> the faa issued only a handful of licenses prohibiting the use of drone aircraft for commercial purposes including journalist. if you're flying as a hobby you don't need a license. faa promises relaxed
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guidelines by the end of the year. with next step in photography, abc 7 news. >> cool. >> yes. very cool. >> i have no idea what coy do with it but i want one you might crash. >> yes. >> and snit. >> really. >> and well, speaking of crashing there is temperatures down in a chilly range. some into low 50s, inland pleasant. there is a live view from our camera. you can see fog at the coast and going to be pushing inland and across the bay tonight. there is our loop showing us fog never left the coastline but clinging throughout the day and into afternoon. there is a result of chilly weather, sunnier and milder conditions inland and around the bay. we're looking at readings into
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60s to 70s and mid to upper 70s inland. 75 in livermore and there is 60s around the bay. clouds and fog pushing inland overnight will be mild tomorrow around the bay and inland locations. and there is a cooler pattern settling in on thursday. there is an approaching trough bringing in cooler air. then we'll warm back up towards the weekend. lows tonight under low clouds and fog. and and around 50 degrees and fog moving in with a low depending on where you are. at 5:00 in the morning there will be wide spread low clouds and fog burning back, too. in spots away from, the coastline. leaving high temperatures again only into 50s on the coast tomorrow, 60s around the bay. 70s to low 80s inland locations. and here is a look at the projected highs for tomorrow,
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84 clover dale. 82 in antioch. most inland locations will be reaching into 70s tomorrow.ñi there are upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. there is 57 in half moon bay. and there is highs into upper 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there isñi cooling down thursday and there is a warm up with sunny skies. highs around low 80s inland there are cooler than average but pleasant, lovely and rain-free. >> terrific. >> thank you. >> next on abc 7 news at 4:00 red tape could force cancellation of a sold out lady gaga concert. >> her first miss step left catherine jenkins crossing her fingers for tonight's show.
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>> new on abc 7 news at 5:00 students sue the state and one local school district for failing them by keeping bad teachers.
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lady gaga's risky act could derail her concert thorkts have not issued a permit for the show. religious groups have condemned lady gaga's revealing costumes but the
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concert there sold out within two hours in march. >> we have an injury update four on a dancing with the stars contestant. >> right. rachel smith has that as well as a busy week of premiers around the world. >> this is a busy week for a listers. here jlo and elizabeth banks strutted their stuff. >> we get to portray privacy in all of this glorious indignity. >> what to expect is due in theaters friday. >> and across the pond in london kristin stewart had a blast at the premier of snow white and the huntsman its not your father's snow white. it's the story as a throw back to original, darker brothers grimm. we tried to shake it up. >> it opens in the u.s. june 1.
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and thrills and a near spill on "dancing with the stars". catherine jenk yinz suffered a misstep and had a back spasm. >> she is a strong dancer and unfortunately there is a bit of a bumpy night in our second dance. and nothing we can get through. >> and maria menounos at the top of the leader board. find out who gets eliminated tonight at 9:00 right here on abc. >> and coming up next mark zuckerberg's transition from boy genius to one of the most powerful player autos and john edwards defense considering what to do about his daughter. >> and later the former modesto teacher and his one-time student arriving at the court house, arm in arm, again.
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that lets you play them back in any room. plus choose from a wide selection of home phone and wireless calling plans. so call now. triple play bundles start as low as $79 a month. switch today and get a total home dvr included. who doesn't like options? choose at&t and personalize a bundle that fits your life. ♪ the countdown is on. facebook ipo now less than three day as way. >> mark zuckerberg will become the newest ceo and fellow ceo's have advice for him. >> and abc 7 news is in san jose with the words of wisdom there. >> there is plenty of excitement coming up with mark zuckerberg's ipo.
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he's going to be facing a lot of challenges. he's going to be hugely rich but is going to have to start listening to shareholders and running a company of high expectations. he's getting plenty of advice. >> he probably isn't a natural born leader but leadership is something people learn over time. >> and yu gutmans was 34 when he became a ceo. larry lang was 46 when he became a ceo they urged the newest ceo to take strength of strengths and weakness autos if he's wise he'll look for trusted friends that can point out weaknesses. co-workers who i value most who aren't afraid to tell me when i'm being a little bit stupid. you need that. >> my name is barack obama. i'm the guy who got mark to
4:31 pm
wear a jacket and tie. >> zuckerberg gave up the hoody for the president but is it time to retire it? >> older he gets and more he matures you'll likely see his dress code will probably change over time. >> the hoody could be a nonissue if he focuses on growing facebook. >> if he did results well they're going to think he's fantastic. if he doesn't, people will focus on missteps. it will be hard for him. he's shy. >> ceos have advice on how to hahnage stress that come was the job. >> you do have a harder time, you know sleeping. and you need to work out a bit more. you don't have time to work out. you need to work out, more. >> zuckerberg has been getting advice since the company needs to add a woman to its all-male board of directors, reports say a company is looking for those possible candidates and they're developing a list now.
4:32 pm
in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we have breaking news. sky 7 over the scene where police caught up with a burglary suspect in alameda county. there is a pair driving the wrong way. this is happening near the 580 and 238 freeways. you can see cruisers on the scene. >> police say they've recovered the property. they're looking for a second suspect. we'll keep you up to date and provide more information next on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> former modesto teacher who left his wife ask job to move in a teen-aged student hire aid private attorney. james hooker previously represented by a private defender. he walked out of court with his arm around his former
4:33 pm
girlfriend. today the judge postponed a trial until next month so hooker's new attorney can get up to speed in this case. >> the defense in the john edwards corruption trial indicated the trial is winding down. his attorneys say they're not sure whether they'll have his oldest daughter testify. kate has been through her father's side throughout the trial there. is no word on whether they'll call edwards himself or his miss stress, reille hunter, edwards is accused of using campaign funds to pay hunter expenses showing she was getting a $9,000 a month cash allowance. >> george w. bush returned to washington, d.c. where he praised the arab spring movement. and this highlighted the senator's new freedom collection, materials from the important pro-democracy
4:34 pm
movements. >> these are extraordinary times in history of freedom. arab spring we've seen the broadest challenge to rule since the collapse of soviet communism. great change has doum a region where many thought impossible. >> the former president told abc news he endorses mitt romney. mr. bush made that comment from inside of an elevator as doors were closing. >> and the state department now says it has visas ready for a blind chinese act ti skprift family who want to come to the u.s.. officials say he can travel to america as soon as beijing gives a green light. the visa will allow him to study in new york along with his wife and two children. he has been in a hospital after he escaped house arrest and fled to the u.s. last month. >> and still ahead the new president of france on board a plane struck by lightning.
4:35 pm
this, after the new first couple ushered in a first for the presidential palace. >> coming up soccer star david beckham becomes a punch line during a visit. >> and low clouds, fog back at the coast. we'll drag temperatures down tomorrow, i'll let you know with the accu-weather forecast. abc 7 news at 4:00 contin
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new fresh president's
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plane was hit by lightning just hours after he was sworn in office. he was on the way to berlin to meet with german chancellor. no one was hurt. the plane turned back to paris and the french president made to it germany in a second plane. today he was sworn in as france's first socialist president since 1995 replacing sarkozy, voted out after one term, france is facing wide spread joblessness. he has pledged to raise taxes on the wealthy. and and he his partner have become france's first unmarried presidential couple. she is a 47-year-old political journalist with three children from a previous relationship. experts say the fact the couple sun married could pose protocol issues when visiting more conservative countries. she has said she will want to continue working as a journalist. >> rebecca brooks and her
4:39 pm
husband are charged in a british phone hacking scannedda. she's a former editor of "news of the world". you'll recall the paper shut down after revelations it hacked cell phones of murder victims and celebrities. and she faces three charges of conspiracy. she says she's baffled by the decision calling it a waste of public money. a report claims kodak head quarters in new york used to house a secret nuclear reactor saying from 1978 to 2006 kodak had a nuclear reactor in the basement. admitting it was used in research and testing owe-to-check materials for impure tis. the company dismantled this reactor in twitch. should we check the basement? >> perhaps. right? >> and you can see by the palm tree behind us that it is breezy out there. >> and windy. there is an accu-weather
4:40 pm
forecast. >> breezy and cool. we're going to start with a look at nationwide goitsing to be showery. wet over there. and mild with temperatures into the 80s, sunny, dry into rockies. and hot into southwest. phoenix there is a high of 103. cool up in eureka. mild in chico. highs into mid-80s, warm fresno. there is sunny skies and mild, highs into mid-70s. there is upper 60s to low 70s, mid-50s on the coast. downtown san francisco there is a high of 61 tomorrow. 56 into sunset district. north bay mild and not very warm. mid-70s for the most part in sonoma. and near east bay highs ranging from upper 60s to
4:41 pm
around 70 degrees, inland east bay, warmer with upper 70s into conk yord. and 80 nears pittsburgh. high of 62 in monterey. inland milder of course. there is a pleasant day tomorrow, it's going to cool down thursday before warming up again for the weekend. >> ups and downs of weather. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and next on abc 7 news at 4:00 this is one of the reason wez call them elite athletes. >> the amgen cyclists tackle mount diablo. live next. >> a lot of us are getting accustomed to convenience of watching tv on our ipad or phone but beware there are charge that's can add up. i'm michael finney and will have that story just ahead.
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cyclists got a bit of a break today, they only had to go 115 miles after yesterday's 117 but there is a catch. they had to go up. the riders started in san jose and went up mount diablo a
4:45 pm
steep climb and there is the pack descended. this is hard to do in a car, never mind when you're pushing pedals. this is 2800 feet. they laugh at pain, i tell you. there is wayne freedman live. >> this is first street in livermore. right now it's a pedestrian walkway. half an hour ago a race track and a finish line. peter sagan won the third leg today that, is stage three. and we said it wasn't only drama today just the last one. >> if this is tuesday this must be san swros yeah. this is the third stage foo livermore, you're watching human beings doing their best impressions of amgens. at the start of what would be
4:46 pm
a not so ho-hum ride. here they are doing it just one more obstacle on a ride. and in walnut creek there is other obstacle. a crowd gathered about how 128 riders would squeeze through this tiny round bchl one lane wide. >> looks sketchy. would be action here. >> there is a group of break aways. then, eight minutes later the rest of the pack. this is the real nail biter. this came in and departed. and a lot of it finishes we might add. tomorrow the racers saddle up but this is the last day for the bay area.
4:47 pm
tomorrow they leave from sonora going to clovis this, race concludes in los angeles on sunday. that is 715 miles the hard way from. livermore wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> you're not kidding. thank you. >> and president obama joked around today with soccer star david beckham welcoming beckham in a los angeles gal yachlsy soccer team to the white house today. president obama jokes half players are young enough to be the 37-year-old beckham's kids. >> a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of under wear. >> beckham got a lot of attention in february when h and m aired ads for his new under wear line during the super bowl. >> and there is a former member of the earthquakes now with l.a. gal yachlsy. >> research shows one in 10 of us is watching television shows on something other than the tv. >> there is more on the trend.
4:48 pm
>> id ipad? >> the leading way is apple's ipad. courts says there is a rapidly changing world and offerings vary. >> doing dishes doesn't stop terry from watching her favorite show and working out doesn't prevent her from seeing top programs. she watches on the ipad. >> i can watch anywhere the house. i'm not tied to this schedule. >> saying many offer apps allowing consumers to watch on an ipad. >> some limit you to video on demand. but there are apps from providers like cable vision that do allow to you watch
4:49 pm
live tv. and there is another advantage espn's app. you can watch away from home. including hbo and those provide video on demand. no live program. >> almost all apps are free to subscribers, you can hit other charges. if you're streaming on a wireless plan you can run up or over the limit. and some person like comcast has limits for home plans you'll need to pay attention to as well. >> and there is no longer being tethered to your television to enjoy your shows. there are apps available to watch tv on as well z there are a few for android phones if you get your television by way of satellite there is an
4:50 pm
additional charge. and there is one way or another you're going to pay you can't watch enough tv. at least not abc 7 news. >> in particular, i might add. >> and coming up don sanchez takes us on a tour of a new wine country resort. >> first, san francisco's historic u.s. mint giving us a rare look inside. next. also... >> there is a aflash mob delivering a warning about facebook just as it prepares to go public. haetd 5:00. >> now, diane sawyer with a look on what she's working on for world news. >> there is a warning someone
4:51 pm
posing as a police officer pulling drivers off the road and shooting them in mississippi. we'll tell what you police are saying drivers should do tonight. >> and what if a billion people in china wanted to buy something you make there in season fran? how made in america is taking over the world. who is doing@a çkneabcclosed cir@
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>> you're looking at rarely seen video of the san francisco mint production facility. coin coins are stamped and polished and packaged. >> the mint is celebrating it's 75th anniversary in this location opening just days before the golden gate bridge opened up. and stamped a special edition american eagle silver coin. >> and the mint now produces mostly proof versions of every
4:55 pm
day coin autos this is coins that you'd have in your set and have mirror like image on the field. >> this year san francisco mint is producing coins for circulation for the first time in decades making quarters commemorating the national parks. you can identify these by the "f" stamped on the front. >> and we've got a sign tourism is booming. >> there is a guests that can eat, drink and bowl. >> bowl, you say? there is don sanchez. >> the spa is opening 155 fweft rooms and suites. there is a ball room biggest between sacramento and san francisco. part of a $40 million expansion take longer than expected. >> in 2008 we're scheduled to
4:56 pm
break ground and this economy went south it took until 2010 to get prot jekt going. it has been known for spa built into a wine gate and an underground tasting room in that hillside. above that, great views and they've added a new look that started in southern california. >> and there is here food, wine and bowling. and what is unique is that it's like an ultralounge. >> right. there are six lanes of bowling. and i wish i can say i bowled all strike buzz will spare you that. it's a luxury feeling and watch what happens above the lanes,. >> this is self contained. and it's paying off. occupancy up 18%.
4:57 pm
and there is a city people would drive through. but now there has been a renaissance with restaurants and galleries. and more hotel rooms. 1500 rooms and this is about tourism and wine these days. >> that seems like a great idea and guys going bowling. >> this is brilliant. >> larry loves it. >> there is thanks for joining us. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news and talk about it on abc 7 news. >> the news at 5:00 continues right now. >> there is local teachers now the subject of a state wide lawsuit. also... there is a flash mob
4:58 pm
about a warning about your privacy. >> and sandhya patel, cool to mild tomorrow. i'll let you know when the pattern will change coming up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. seven children are suing california tonight. >> filing suit because of the quality of the education in this state. abc 7 news is live in san jose. one school districts named in that lawsuit. >> there is when a school district lays off teachers, teachers call it last in, first out. this lawsuit wants to change that. the lawsuit intends to do away with seniority based system for dwreemps use in school districts. karen and her daughter are one of the family's suing the state and their school
4:59 pm
district alan rock union. >> starting to lose passion for why you went to school, then if i don't, and go to work and i don't do any mi job, i lose any job. >> the sponsor of the lawsuit is students matter, a nonprofit reform group. and they're suing los angeles unified school district. >> and this forces administrators to leave the ineffective teachers teaching our children. >> marisa is with the california teachers association saying teachers are held accountable. >> you're evaluate fd they're finding there are issue was a teacher you're output on remediation fchl you don't pass evaluations you're on dismissal. this process does exist. >> there is


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